Lifecore Fitness LC-985VG Elliptical Trainer review

The LC-985VG, like many machines on the market, is designed to give an effective full body cardio workout that also helps users tone up, lose weight and improve their general health. It has several functions built into it that helps it stand out from the competition.

A strong and stable base and parts combined with several key training settings gives users the ability to work out intensively and shed the weight quickly. Learn more about what others are saying on the link below.

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So you have a budget, you are looking for something that gives a good full body exercise but without overpaying. Good. There are plenty of options out there that suit users in this bracket including this one the only difference between them is in the specifications and exercise settings. Some of which I have compiled in a list for your viewing below. The idea is to give you an idea of what this trainer is capable of so you can come to the appropriate conclusion yourself.

  • The reason it works so well in giving users a full body workout is found in the dual action arms. While some cardio machines only workout a few muscle groups, this elliptical will work out your legs, core, and most of your upper body thanks to the dual action arms.
  • A seventeen and a half stride length. Maybe not the best match for really tall people, but it will certainly work well for your average size users.
  • Comes equipped with twelve different preset exercise programs to help motivate users in setting and meeting fitness goals. They are great programs that can be used to stay consistent and focused.
  • Four built in heart rate based workout programs that monitor and track your pulse.
  • A great piece of equipment designed for low impact training. Much less stress on the knees and similar joints and muscles.
  • It is equipped with a computer console that shows real time feedback on various workout stats like how fast you were going, distance covered, the time you have spent working out and other similar stats like the amount of calories you have burned since getting on the machine.
  • Once assembled it’s dimensions are 30 inches by 63 inches by 52 inches.
  • The amount of weight a elliptical can hold often gives an indication as to the durability of the product. This model holds user weights of up to 300 pounds indicating that it is quite durable and will hold an above average amount of weight.

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So, as we come to a close, we feel that the LC-985VG elliptical trainer is a great option for home gym use if you have a medium budget. It is very presentable and will look great in any modern home gym layout. It offers plenty of beneficial settings and functions that will help you shed the weight and get into the shape of your life in no time. This should definitely be on your maybe list.

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Our rating:85%
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