Life Fitness X1 elliptical trainer review

The X1 shines light on the ever increasing qualities on offer from this brand. Perhaps not as popular as some as the heavyweights in the market, but they are certainly gaining traction through consistently bringing out top quality products that help people meet their ever increasing fitness demands. This model is no exception, with a great range of exercise options built in.

Those of you looking for a intensive training session that brings both your upper and lower body muscles into play, will find it does just the trick with dual action arms and striding peddles designed to give users an intensive workout session.

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Design and structural qualities

Dual arms and stride peddles work in conjunction to bring a enhanced workout experience to the end user. Smooth and steady as it goes, this trainer is specifically designed to run as quietly as possible by utilizing self aligning ball bearings. Not only that , but it also comes with WhisperStride technology which highlights this whole point. Those of you who have been searching for something to keep the noise levels down in a multiple user environment such as a family home will find this a great choice.

The rear drive system provides consistent movement in the stride and will allow users to stretch there legs out using the 20 inch stride length.

It’s not the smallest machine by any stretch of the imagination measuring at 81 by 30 by 59 inches. However, those of you with a decent medium sized room should fit this elliptical machine in with ease. However, should you be looking for a more compact option, you may wish to turn your attention to the Best Fitness E1.

It has a reasonably low step up height at just six and a half inches. There shouldn’t be too much of a struggle getting on and off the trainer for the average person. What’s more, there has clearly been a lot of thought that went into user comfort and safety with peddles that are oversized and made with material to prevent slipping from occurring.

Additionally, with a large weight capacity recommendation of 350 pounds it is clear this has all the structure and framework qualities needed to tick all the boxes in the durability section.

It also comes with a cup holder and accessory tray should you need them.

Training features

The X1 certainly has a lot to offer in terms of workout options and functionality. Users who make use of the built in heart rate grip sensors can utilize the console/monitor to their advantage by tracking progress and monitoring if they need to speed things up or bring it down a few notches.

If needed, people can hold onto the stationary handles to work lower body only. This is not offered in all machines, and is a great addition which can be used to focus on a particular set of muscles instead of a full body workout.

Workout programs are included with options built into the console such as incline, calories, distance, speed, sport training, hill, manual and many more that also encompass a whole range of pulse related training apps.

As a cross trainer, the functionality is surprisingly advanced, however the pricing does reflect as it is a top tier model.



While it is never easy to give it a exact summary of it’s qualities, we can go by expert opinions and consumer ratings, to get a accurate overview of what you can expect from using the X1 elliptical machine as your cardio machine of choice. It certainly offers everything needed to help people fulfill there health potential, with tons of great workout applications included, and a fantastic design that is durable and quiet. Keep this on your list if it is within your budget range, as you could be onto a hidden gem here.

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