ProForm 14.0 re elliptical trainer review

The 14.0 re elliptical machine offers some terrific features and functions that will only enhance and improve your home gym equipment collection. With todays fast paced, technology packed world, people can often forget what matters most. Money? no. Their health.

This elliptical provides a solid, full body, cardio workout that will help users tone up both their lower and upper body while burning fat at the same time. It will also help and improve users circulation and heart health.

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There are a lot of ellipticals to choose from on the market, some expensive, some cheap, some big, some small so what does the 14.0 re have to offer that others in the market don’t? Have a browse through the specs and features I have compiled below to see if it suits your own health and fitness requirements.

  • With the option available to adjust users stride length between twenty and twenty-two inches, this machine will ensure users are both comfortable and allow them to keep their workouts as flexible and free forming as possible. Not all ellipticals allow users to adjust the stride length so this is always a welcome addition.
  • Another great feature it offers is the ability to quickly change the incline settings between ten and thirty degrees depending on users fitness levels and what sort of challenge they require. The ability to mix up the difficulty and style of your workout is one of the best ways to get in shape.
  • A total of twenty two workout apps give users more freedom in how they approach each workout. The broad choice will only enhance and motivate users to keep hitting their workout targets.
  • In total there are twenty different digital resistance levels. Some will be hard, some will be easy and some will be just right for you. Large amount of resistance levels like this ensure it caters for the majority over the minority. It also allows less fit users to work their way through each difficulty level to gradually improve strength and stamina, all the while burning calories and fat.
  • The arms allow users to bring their upper body into the equation. This trainer will really help tone up users arms  and upper body muscle groups.
  • The computer display measures in at 5 inches and gives users key information about their workout such as time and heart rate monitoring. If you take note of each of these stats after each workout, you can work on equaling or improving them each time you exercise.
  • It offers a dual grip heart rate monitor which will send the data across to the computer display as mentioned above.
  • A sturdy and stable design highlighted by its user weight limit of 300 pounds. Steel frame parts.
  • Cushioned pedals that are larger than average give attention to users comfort levels and reduce the amount of aches and pains after each work out.
  • Transport wheels are included to make it fairly simple to roll away and move it around your home or gym.

What are consumers saying about it?

Mixed reactions across the board. Some are pleasantly surprised by how much is included and impressed with the workout it provides, while others are not satisfied with the performance for the prices.

Definitely worth doing a little extra research on the competition to ensure you are not missing out on a gem. Sometimes you can find models that are heavily reduced in price.


The ProForm 14.0 re has some excellent features to say the least. It is not the most expensive trainer on the market either. I would say that it is best suited for beginner or intermediate users who are looking for something very durable, that is equipped with some terrific workout features. The value is definitely there but it comes down to user budget at the end of the day. So if you have a medium budget, this is definitely one to watch. If you want something a little bit cheaper take a look at some of the ProForm elliptical trainers in the sidebar It offers some terrific features that beginners will get a lot of benefits from and you will not need to spend too much.

Click here to read customer reviews and check price

Our rating:88%
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