Horizon Fitness EX-79-2 Elliptical Trainer review

The Horizon Fitness EX-79-2 is one of the more popular elliptical machines currently on the market. With a brand that has years of experience perfecting and adapting trainers, it’s no wonder they have produced one here that provides true value for money.

With a great amount of variety in difficulty and tension, plus lots of training features such as incline and training programs it should come at no surprise that we rate this one very highly within the mid tier range. If you have a medium to higher budget, this machine could be ideal for those of you looking to train at home.

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As a medium tier option, you come to expect a good amount of quality in an elliptical, especially from someone as big as Horizon Fitness. While not technologically superior than the top tier options, it does possess a certain degree of quality that allows it hold it’s own very well against much of the competition.Lets have a browse through the specs and settings to get a clear picture of the overall value offered.

Settings and design features that will improve your fitness

  • It runs on a 17.6 pound flywheel and magnetic style resistance offering one of the smoothest and quietest striding platforms available.
  • Users can adjust the difficulty levels themselves, with the choice of selecting level one for the beginners, and twenty for the more hardcore people who have years of experience and a higher than average fitness level. These levels can be easily controlled from the console without interrupting your work out.
  • To take difficulty a step further there is a elevation feature that can go up to 100% in 5% intervals. Not only will the higher elevation increase difficulty, but they will also target slightly different areas of your body and muscles with each change. Training like this is a great way to keep your muscles guessing and prevent muscle memory. You will find that consistently challenging your body to improve upon previous workouts can have a brilliant effect on weight loss and muscle toning results.
  • To keep things interesting, the EX-79-2 elliptical offers lots of unique training programs. Included is: two custom options, 1 mountain training, 1 reverse, and one rolling. Whats more, there is also several custom programs and one that can integrate with Nike +. All of these can help motivate and improve your performance.
  • The normal statistics are all included such as speed, distance, time, calories and more. Users will find as they begin to workout, these stats are displayed on the computer console that is easy to read and understand.
  • Users can also take note of there pulse using the built in hand grips.
  • It has a larger than average user weight capacity of 325 pounds. As a rule of thumb, for this price range I always suggest at least 275 pounds to ensure a sturdy, long lasting frame and design. No one wants to buy something that is flimsy that could break a couple of weeks after buying.
  • For those of you concerned about space taken up it measures at 22 x 65 x 75 inches (Width by Height by Depth). A great size for a home gym room.
  • Includes a workout fan to keep users comfortable while under the extra stresses of exercise.

While there are plenty of great elliptical machines to choose from in this price point, this is definitely a front runner and definitely worth considering for those of you looking to upgrade old equipment or for those of you simply looking to purchase some top class, reliable equipment.


Overall the Horizon Fitness EX-79-2 elliptical offers a very effective way to lose weight and improve health. The combined power of resistance, elevation and programs alongside a strong and durable frame while remaining in the medium price range allow this product to provide great bang for your buck. For a mid tier trainer, it certainly packs some of the powerful features one would come to associate with top of the line products, and perhaps even commercial solution. So, if you haven’t made up your mind on a particular machine, this one is certainly worth keeping an eye out for if you have a medium budget.

Click here to read customer reviews and check for discounts

Our rating:90%
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