Horizon Fitness EX-57 review

The EX-57 elliptical trainer operates on a front drive system with a 14.3 pound flywheel. For home gym use and beginner to intermediate training, this could be a great fit. The sheer simplicity in design combined with the low budget cost have proved to be a great selling point for this machine.

Overall, consumers seem quite pleased with their purchase. It may not be the most technologically advanced out there, but it seems to have built a rapport with people.

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Features and specifications

A modern front drive style that not only looks great but is well suited for those of you with budget limitations. So, if you are looking to expand upon your owned exercise equipment without paying through the roof, this could be a suitable match. We look at various functions and settings below to help you make a more informed decision.


Strides will tend to be smooth and consistent due to the 14.3 pound flywheel. Not only that, but Horizon have a history of producing stable elliptical trainers for all price ranges. Stability and quality of the foundations should be at the front of your mind when shopping. And this particular product supplies all of this with the additional quiet operation.


Like many modern machines the ex-57 applies several important tracking and training features to the console that are both easy to read and effective. This models display is not back lit which can be seen as a downside to some, but from what we see from consumers ratings, there are a couple of comments here and there saying the data is easily readable with large clear font.

The functions are very much like many of the traditional computers on the fitness market offering menus to navigate through the various workout programs and resistance.


The levels of resistance on any machine can have a major impact on how much you achieve. This model may have limitations in this department with eight differing levels, but for the beginner, intermediate and casual users, this will normally be a sufficient amount to hit the weight loss targets you want.

Workout programs

In total, it is equipped with nine different workout programs. Some of these focus on hills, some reverse, some focus on time and more. All will work as a motivational tool as well as something to challenge yourself if you find yourself hitting a plateau in terms of results.


While not the highest recommended weight capacity on the elliptical market at 275 pounds, there are going to be certain drawbacks, otherwise it would not be priced in the lower tier levels. However, that aside, the majority of user feedback praise the stability and how solid the trainer is.


Measures at 29 x 67 x 55 inches.

Warranty information

Users will find themselves protected by lifetime warranty on frame, twenty on the brakes, and a full year on labor.

What are consumers saying?

From what we have discovered so far in our research, there are many happy customers and a few unsatisfied users that had complaints. Not unusual for popular brands, so lets see where it’s faults and qualities lie below from real users.

Amazon – At the time of writing this review a large portion of feedback has positive messages to share. There are recurring comments regarding stability, sturdiness and smoothness in operation. However, on the down side, there were negative comments talking about how uneven the machine feels. Another goes on to say they are unhappy with how far the handles are forward.


With all data collected, research done and dusted, it is quite easy to come to a conclusion on the capabilities and qualities of the Horizon Fitness EX-57. If I were to sum this up in one paragraph, I would say that as a lower priced option, there is a tremendous amount of value to be found that most home gym users will get a lot out of. The combination of training options, resistance and the smooth operation all lend themselves well in helping you burn off fat, improve your endurance and tone up your legs, core and arms.

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Our rating:89%
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