What is the difference between rear drive and front drive systems?

There isn’t a really advanced answer to this. Rear drive machines usually have the flywheel operating at the back, front drive will be at the front with the arms, and then there is the central type which will operate in the middle. The latter can be found in the best fitness e1 elliptical machine.

What does variable stride length mean?

This means consumers will be able to mix up the length of your stride making it accommodate a wider selection of users as well as increasing the difficulty.

Whats the best elliptical for tall people?

Tall people more often then not have long legs, so the longer the stride length the better. For those of you with a family home where multiple people will be looking to use the machine, you may want to look into getting one with an adjustable stride.

How do I determine which trainer suits my needs?

Everyone tends to have different requirements, so it is often difficult to pinpoint exactly what the best choice is. You can however get a good idea through the use of our elliptical machine reviews page. Then there is the difficulty of choosing how much to spend. We address this with articles for lower, medium and upper price tiers.

Gym membership vs building your own home gym?

There are plus points for each, but in terms of saving money, buying your own fitness equipment wins every time. If you are more of a social creature, this may not be the right choice for you however, it’s a great choice for many due to saving commuting and entry fees whereas equipment is a one time fee until it needs a replacement.




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