Exerpeutic 1000Xl review

The 1000Xl elliptical trainer stands out immediately as a low priced alternative for users on a budget. In a lot of cases you get what you pay for, however, what is quite surprising about it is the fact it is packed full of exercise features you would come to expect in some more prominent and expensive models.

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While a lot’s machines may seem over priced, especially in today’s market, this particular model could be the value for money option you have been looking for. Although a lower tier machine, it’s ideal for those of you looking to work out from home. It’s not too large, so will fit in a small gym easily and it won’t cost a lot of money to buy. Let’s have a look at some of it’s key features and specifications below.

How this elliptical can help you achieve your goals

This machine comes with a total of eight different levels of magnetic resistance, providing a nice amount of variety in workout intensity. Beginners can start on the easy levels and gradually work there way up to the harder levels of resistance while more experienced users can start off using the medium levels and get a great full body, calorie burning workout.

It’s a fantastic solution for anyone trying to lose weight. The movements involved on Elliptical trainers, will help you work up a sweat in no time. Toning up your bodies muscles will come with continuous use and progressing through the magnetic resistance levels a step at a time. A lot of people think you can get on an machine and go at a medium pace. This is not want you want to do. If you’re not breaking a sweat, then you’re probably not working hard enough, either up the speed or the intensity otherwise results may be limited.

The 1000xl elliptical comes with a LCD computer display which will show you several important facts/stats about your workout. These stats will include the amount of calories you have burned while on the peddles, how far you have traveled, how much time spent exercising and the speed in which you are doing so. Not only that but you can also record your heart rate using the pulse pads built onto the machines handlebars.

It’s surprisingly quiet for a lower tier price range, mainly because the V belt drive system in place, and the well balanced flywheel. Reduced noise on any piece of exercise equipment is a bonus, especially for home users where your workouts may be an annoyance for others members from the household.

The weight it can withstand is three hundred and twenty five pounds, highlighting the fact that the 1000xl elliptical machine has been designed with durable features in mind. You get the feeling that it is a sturdy piece of equipment that is not going to break easily.

Customer reviews – what consumers are saying.

Well received by most of the users. Positive thoughts include mentions of the price is very low for a elliptical machine with this variety of functions. However, one user commented on how long it took to set up because the instruction were not quite up to par.

Like many popular cardio training machines, you often see a trend of a few negatives sprinkled in between the wide majority of positives, and that is the case here. There is certainly many great settings that can help you achieve your ideal physique when used correctly.

What we can learn from this is that there is a certain amount of quality to be found in both it’s structure and it’s training settings. We have heard from various feedback that consumers are very happy with their machine and are happy with the results.

Summary – basic, but good value for money 

When you look at the bigger picture, the positives of the Exerpeutic 1000Xl elliptical machine by far outweigh the negatives. What you are getting is a sturdy design with a nice amount of resistance which gives lots of room for fitness improvement and perhaps most of all, for a lower price tier model, you are getting one with medium tier features without spending the extra cash. In addition to this, users with lasting injury problems, or those of you with movement issues, will find this an ideal solution to get one of the lowest impact workouts available.

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Our rating:86%
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