Diamondback Fitness 1260Ef elliptical trainer review

The 1260ef elliptical trainer is a top tier cardio machine that possesses some great technologies and design features that allow it to compete with some of the most complete options the fitness industry has to offer.

With a solid, trustworthy brand behind it, and some very impressive specifications, consumers have been leaving positive ratings left, right and center and for good reason. There are certain training settings and design options that are tailored towards comfort and results.

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Features and specifications

Sitting quite comfortably in the higher price tier, there is a certain level of expectation that comes with this status. How does it differentiate itself from it’s main competitors? Can it be justified in saying that there is a certain degree of value for money to be found? Does it have a the design specifics to become the center piece of your home gym workout? Let’s find out below as we take a look at the 1260ef’s best features.

  • It runs on magnetic style resistance which can be controlled from the console. It allows you to switch between twenty different levels of resistance so that both unfit and super fit people can get a solid workout. Variety is always a determining factor when I decide upon purchasing a new machine and plenty of different difficulty levels allow you to keep things fresh and challenging and this is always a plus point.
  • It includes thirteen different work out programs to bring that little bit more efficiency and difficulty and has a decent 19 inch stride length.
  • The handlebars are dual action. For those of you who are unaware, dual action allows the arms to move alongside the striding platforms. This is a highly effective way of getting a full body workout as it will work your leg muscles, core and your arms.
  • Also to be found on the computer console is several different readings that tell the user how they are performing.  It does this by tracking key stats such as calories burnt off, speed, time and more. If you are following a strict training regime, keeping a record of progression is vital to your success.
  • It can withstand a user weight of up to 325 pounds, sturdy enough for the majority of users looking to exercise upon it.
  • Surprisingly, it does not take up too much room which is always a big factor for those of you with very limited space to put together your home gym equipment. This particular model measures at 69.5 inches width by 65 inches height by 27.5 inches depth.
  • Includes a handy reading rack for those light workouts when looking to burn the time. Or even if you are doing interval training and want something to do in the resting periods.
  • Handy warm up and warm down modes to ensure your muscles are ready for strenous exercise. Doing this both before and after your workout can limit injuries and pain the day after.
  • Steel gauge frame and foundations for a structurally safe design and extra durability.

If however, this elliptical does not quite meet your budget range, there is always the Diamondback fitness 910ef. This is yet another highly impressive machine that has all the functionality needed to build a solid base of stamina and health.

What are consumers and experts saying?

Dicks sporting goods – Very limited amount of feedback, however comments include how easy it is to install, and that the computer display is easy to read. One downside that may effect you is it’s quite heavy and you may require help moving it to the room you want to set it up in.

Top ten reviews – Positive notes include the nice amount of variety in exercise programs. Negative points talk about how the stride is not adjustable, which obviously can have certain limitations on your training.

abt.com – Bad points consist of a squeaking sound that could well be down to it being a faulty machine. Plus points talk about the strength, sturdiness and how smoothly it operates.

Amazon – plenty of feedback can be found here both good and bad. However, from the information we have gathered from each piece of feedback, the majority appear to be very pleased with their purchase. Comments include it being a well structured design, and a user who really enjoys the incline setting. Negative feeling include the heaviness which seems to be a repeated statement among consumers.

These ratings tend to put the 1260 in a positive light. It becomes quite clear through thorough analysis of other peoples thoughts on their purchase that this is certainly equipped with the quality necessary to build up stamina, improve strength, lose weight, and increase endurance. Ultimately it comes down to how you use this elliptical, but those of you who are organized and have a training regime in place to push your limits, then this machine is going to bring results.


When you bring together all the different factors and functions, you begin to get a understanding of the hidden qualities that the Diamondback Fitness 1260Ef possesses. For some this will be out of reach due to budget constraints. However, those of you with a larger budget should definitely put this on your maybe list as there is so much going for it. And with plenty of consumers around the web offering lots of positive ratings, this could be the best addition for your cardio routine.

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Our rating:88%
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