Body Champ BRM3671 cardio dual trainer review

The Body Champ BRM3671 acts as a dual trainer that will provide users with a very effective set of features for losing weight. Depending on your work out preferences this can be used as both an elliptical or a exercise bike, combining the best of both worlds for a surprisingly low price.

While searching around the web for consumer feedback on this product, we have found a positive vibe surrounding this product with people noting the value for money and convenience of having two different training platforms rolled into one.

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Anyone looking to boost their metabolism, burn off calories and improve endurance are sure to appreciate the features and specs included within the BRM3671. Both beginners and the more experienced user will find a lot of challenging experiences while remaining comfortable thanks to it’s well structured design. Lets have a proper look at the settings below so you can come to your own conclusion as to whether or not this product will suit your requirements or not.

Key features and performance specs

  • Runs on magnetic resistance that is known for offering a smooth and reliable platform from which to conduct your cardio training.
  • It has a fourteen inch stride length. While this is not that high compared to a lot of elliptical trainers on the market, one has to remember the flexibility and versatility of the product as a whole. If you have ever heard the saying jack of all trades, but master of none, this would be quite an accurate analogy.
  • Very inexpensive. When you work out how much it costs to purchase an average bike and trainer you can begin to understand the true value and usefulness of having something like this in your home gym.
  • If needed, users can adjust and move the seat both horizontally and vertically to ensure maximum comfort while training. I don’t know about you, but I tend to find that when I am comfortable exercising, the wear and tear the day after tends to be significantly reduced.
  • It is equipped with ten different exercise programs. Within this list of programs users will find preset options, full customization solutions and heart rate based options.
  • It can hold a surprising amount of weight at 275 pounds. When you consider that a lot of machines at this price point tend to be flimsy and poorly structured you begin to see how well Body Champ have designed this machine.
  • It measures at: 38.5 inches by 24 inches by 12.7 inches.

Users who are researching various products in this price range may be interested in giving our under 250 dollar elliptical guide a read. It gives you an idea of how well this trainer holds up against similar options in the industry.

What are consumers saying about it?

Despite not having the same power behind it as some of the big names in the fitness industry, it packs a surprising punch with hundreds of positive reviews to be found from happy consumers around the web. We take a look at just a few of these sources below.

Amazon – Plenty of feedback, both of a positive and negative nature can be found here. Although it is clear the positive holds the majority vote. One user praises the versatility of the machine. The fact that it can act as a two in one cardio trainer seems to appeal to many. Other notes include the fact that it is both cheap and provides an effective workout. There are also quite a few negatives to be found which is understandable for a low budget machine. There seems to be a common theme among the negatives in that it is not structurally strong. I think the main things to weigh up here is the cost vs durability. Budget can naturally have an effect on the product life length.

Walmart – The majority of consumers appear to be pleased with there purchase, talking about the effective workout it provides for a basic model. One customer complained that they received it damaged.

Low priced machines can sometimes be a gamble. But despite it having several bad reviews, the happy customers by far outnumber the unhappy. This is normally a key indicator of the truth. When in doubt, trust the consumer.

Summary – simple yet effective cardio solution

To sum up, Body Champ BRM3671 cardio dual trainer is a fantastic piece of equipment with a impressive design that can be used as a elliptical trainer and a exercise bike. Training using both of these methods have their perks and both can and will help you achieve weight loss and fitness results.

Click here to read customer reviews and check for discounts

Our rating:84%
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