Bladez Fitness X450 Elliptical Trainer review

The X450 is a rear drive, highly functional elliptical machine with tons of top class features that offer tremendous value for money. Without breaking the bank, users will be able to get their hands on a solid trainer with plenty of workout programs, stat tracking and lot’s of differing levels of resistance. A good choice for the home gym, and a brilliant piece of equipment for fitting your cardio in around your work week.

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The X450 has been built and geared towards offering users an anatomically correct design that reduces the risk of people picking up injuries whilst exercising. It does so by offering a more natural spacing and angle between each of the peddles. While it is not unheard of for other machines to offer this feature, they tend to be found in the higher reaches of this industry and far more pricey at that. Let’s have a look at several of what I consider to be it’s key specifications and features below.

  • Sixteen different levels of resistance. If you are someone who is naturally quite fit, or even if you are someone who is just taking the first baby steps towards a fitter future, each resistance level will offer a challenge that will help users of all fitness ranges.
  • To keep things fresh and enjoyable, Bladez offer twelve preset exercise programs that can be really helpful in maintaining the motivation and will to workout. The variety in these programs means that users can train slightly differently almost every time they step onto the machine.
  • A eighteen inch stride length – A lot of people who have used an elliptical in the past will find this to be what the majority of users find most comfortable. The stride length is not too long and not too short.
  • Alongside a good stride length is the anatomically correct spacing and design of the product as a whole. Special consideration has gone into how users legs react to each stride. With the new design features in place, this will help reduce the impact on knees, ankles and much more.
  • Users can track all manner of statistics using the LCD console. Distance, time, calories, and speed can all be tracked and monitored. Once again, not everyone will appreciate this feature unless you are serious about improving your times/personal bests. If you are training for events or sports this will really come in handy.

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What are consumers saying about it?

Not a huge amount of feedback to go on, but we did find one very positive rating as well as a report of screen problems after 3 months usage. Could be a faulty monitor on that particular machine, but worth keeping in mind.


The Bladez Fitness X450 elliptical is definiately one of the ones to watch in this price range. It offers a great selection of features that will really help the user work up a sweat, and get in shape. Multiple workout programs, resistance levels and a all round solid build and foundation are all plus points which make this the well designed machine that it is.

Overall, we would add that there are better machines in this industry, but for the price there is a good amount of options available that can really enhance your workout experience when used correctly.

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Our rating:87%
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