AFG 3.1AE Elliptical trainer review

Users who have a mid tier budget, and are looking for a home gym solution that has solid foundations and top class training settings may want to take a look at the AFG 3.1AE. It is an elliptical machine with several unique properties that allow it to hold it’s own against some of the perhaps ‘more popular’ brands on the market.

Consumer reports around the web give a clear conclusion of this trainers capabilities, with the majority of them impressed by there machine so far.

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Features and specifications

While some gym equipment tends to fairly limited in what a user can achieve, this machine has tons of great features built in, that helps set it apart from it’s main competitors. It can be argues that it is not the cheapest option available, but there is also a matter of quality over something that falls apart a week after buying. Durability and overall strength of a product should always be considered when picking any new piece of fitness equipment. Let’s check out how it can aid your training regime below.


Plenty of variety in the amount of resistance and difficulty. Take full advantage of the twenty different levels by working your way through them slowly but surely increasing both your endurance and health.


There are several incline or climbing settings. This particular model offers the option of 20 different climb settings. They go up each level by 5% which is great news for those of you who like to make gradual and steady progress rather than full on, highly intensive work outs.

Exercise Programs

Like many elliptical on the market, such as the AFG 4.1AE, this machine offers plenty of programs to enhance user experience. In addition to this, they are extremely effective at keeping the user motivated. This particular model offers ten different programs that includes interval training, weight loss, toning, and several other unique options that can put the fun back into your regime.


Offers a twenty inch stride length. Not too long and not too short, a safe choice from AFG that ensures the positioning is just right for the majority of people. It also offers a rubber foot pad for extra stability and grip for safety purposes.

The dimensions of the machine are 74.8 inches by 22.2 inches by 65.2 inches and it weighs 198 pounds. Also included is a 23 pound flywheel to ensure that with each stride the motion remains fluid, stable and smooth.

Console and computer display

Nothing too special about the LED display. It records everything about your workouts that you need and offers sections to control the various training features that we have mentioned above.


What are consumers saying about it?

We look at several sources to determine to quality of a machine. Some of which are listed below. By going through this process, you get a feel of how good a product is through the eyes of customers.

Amazon – Digging a little deeper through the reviews, you will begin to appreciate that there is a common theme among the people rating it. Several people make remarks about the sturdiness and strength of the frame, while some others comment on how easy it is to assemble with the easy to follow instructions. Negative issues we came across included that it is rather heavy, and reports of squeaking noises. These are common problems in the elliptical machine market and it can be rather hit and miss for some. In other words some of you may notice it runs less quietly as time goes on while others may find it runs silently throughout the whole time in your possession.

Consumer reports – Several users note down the positives and negatives in a list on this website. Several good points include the quiet operation, the sturdy design, and the different striding features on offer. The negative points listed include it can be rather noisy, which almost echoes a couple of complaints from other sources.

Summary – an ideal home gym elliptical

If you have the AFG 3.1 AE could be one of the most sensible choices. Equipped with some top quality design features and a solid foundation, it is clearly built to handle the everyday pressure put upon it by users. Not only that, but it can be the tool that takes you well on your way to a healthier future through the use of it’s many different exercise functions such as programs, resistance and inclines.

Click here to read customer reviews and check prices

Our rating:90%
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