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There are many different types of elliptical trainers in the home fitness equipment market including rear central and front drive systems. Many have varying technology and plenty of differences in resistance and training, which often makes it difficult to settle on one machine.

This page is designed to help consumers pick a machine that is right for their needs and budget through thorough analysis and research that take into account huge amounts of data from various sources around the web.

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The best elliptical machines in 2018

Best Fitness E1

Compact elliptical trainer

A solid elliptical trainer that is equipped with a compact design. Runs on a unique central drive system that is highly convenient for home gym users. The frame utilizes space really well, which is a common problem many models face.

There are many compact designs on the market that it competes with, so what makes this the winner of our current 2015 awards? Find out in our detailed review. Click here to read more

Yowza Fitness Miami

Best all round

A higher end machine that we consider as one of the best all round machines available. Slighlty more pricey than your average model, but the overall quality is certainly worth having a look at. If you want something highly durable and equipped with plenty of training options, you may want to have a read of our overview below.

Click here to read more

Life Fitness X1

Deserved mentions

Another top tier elliptical with plenty of specs built in to get the user the workout results they have been looking for. Using a rear drive system, this machine can help people get a really smooth striding movement by utilizing built in Whisper technology.

Click here to read more

Yowza Fitness Navarre

Deserved mentions

A ramp less style incline with several training programs which may change your fitness and weight loss fortunes. Work out from home in style.

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Everyone has a different budget. That is why we endeavor to provide our readers with reviews from different tier products across the board. Take a look below to see what we believe are some of the best rated elliptical trainers.

We feel these particular models are some of the best options on the market. They have all the functionality you expect in technologically advanced options and provide the training settings to lose weight and improve upon your current fitness levels.

Elliptical trainer buying guide

There are several different attributes one can associate with elliptical trainers that can help us pinpoint where a specific model excels and where they are lacking. Knowing this can really help consumers buy a solid machine that meets the majority of their requirements.

Stride length – The longer the stride, the better. The main issue with this is that there are so many different brands out offering similar lengths but feel different. Choose what you believe best fits your needs.

Adjustable stride lengths – As a general rule of thumb, this is the best solution for those of you who will need a machine to cope with several users of different heights. Great for those you who will be sharing.

Flywheel – This is the key factor that will decide how smoothly the machine as a whole will run. Our personal rule for this is to lo0k for machines that have a 22 pounds and up flywheel. The heavier it is, the more consistent and smooth the movement.

Resistance type – Users should be looking at models with the more popular magnetic breaking system. A good elliptical will transition between tension levels quietly and smoothly. Cheaper options may be quiet noisy upon changing difficulty.

Handle bars – You get a choice of two different types of handle. The moving and non moving. Moving brings your upper body muscles into the workout. What’s more you will need to check whether or not they are ergonomically designed and padded for maximum comfort.

Training options – A large pool of exercise functionality can make or break a model. The more functionality and barriers it presents you with, the better as it will allow users to mix up their workouts while keeping the body guessing.

– Resistance – A good number to aim for is fifteen levels of difficulty. This will vary from brand to brand and price tier, but this is a good starting point and can provide a great platform for you to progressively work towards your fitness goals.

– Workout programs – Look for elliptical machines with around eight built in training programs as a starting point. These will usually include a nice amount of variety in workouts and create a new set of hurdles to jump over.

– Incline settings – Changing the climb options can help target separate areas of your muscles and can bring a new dimension to your training regime. The more levels included here the better.

Console and monitor – Several things to look out for here. With regards to the monitor, you want a nice large screen that is very clear and readable. The console should offer clear and simple navigation. Many products in this day and age offer quick start buttons that allow users to train almost immediately with limited hassle.

Warranty – Always check the warranty information before you buy. Make sure you are covered on parts, frame, electronics and labor. The longer the better. Compare it with similar models before you make a decision, because if something does go wrong, you will be glad you took the time to research beforehand.

Before taking the plunge

Here are a few things you need to ask yourself and check for before you make and final decisions. Without doing so, you may find yourself having second thoughts further down the line.

Space availability – This is often overlooked, but it is a very important part of the decision making process. Measure the room you will be assembling the elliptical machine in and compare it to the dimensions of the product. Will you have enough breathing room taking into account ceiling and the four walls? How will you handle the space when it is not in use?

Your body – If you are of a taller build, you will generally have longer legs and bigger feet. If you are smallerthe opposite often holds true. That is why it is important to take into account things like stride length, and peddle size.

How many people are going to use it? – If you have a large family or run a gym you will most likely have multiple users. So you will need to look into how durable it is, the design and material of the frame, and user weight capacity. Other important things that need to be taken into account include the amount of custom user profiles allowed on the console and how adjustable the stride lengths are.

How many times a week will you be training? – If you have an intensive training regime, you will probably be looking to use it at least five times a week. The more it is used, the quicker the parts will wear down. So you will want something with a solid structure that is stable and sturdy.

Buying tips and guidance

Browse the web for the best deals – You would be surprised how much can be saved just by checking various stores online.

Make the most of ConsumerLot – We have spent a lot of time scouring the net for real user reviews from various sources. We list several different awards for different products including the best all round, the best low budget option among others. Check our elliptical trainer awards list to see which model owns each of the titles.

Utilize coupons when possible – Check popular coupon sites to see if you can get some form of discount or free deliveries.

Check the warranty – The frame on ellipticals generally has a longer warranty than parts, electronics and labor. Needless to say check this information is up to date.

Delivery information – Always check the delivery times, and pricing. Because these are heavy goods, you will want to keep an eye on the cost to ensure it remains within your budget.

Check users ratings and reviews – Be sure to look at various consumer reports around the web to work out what the positive and negative points are. Compare them with similar models and make a more informed decision based on others experiences. To see what sources we use to conduct our research, see our rating sources page. Listed on that page, you will find a important list of websites and resources we use to help us come to a conclusion of the overall quality of an elliptical.

Useful resources

There are plenty of resources to be found around the web for those of you looking to put extensive research in before you buy. Whatever machine you end up buying, always put the initial effort into researching everything about a particular model. By doing so, you could save yourself a lot of hassle in the near future.

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